Light Fantastic

Location:            London
Programme:     Installation / Public Realm
Cost:                      £700,000
Status:                 Competition
Client:                  New West End Company

Light Fantastic comprises a series of kinetic events along Oxford Street that interact directly with their immediate architectural environment, breaking with traditional static formality, to present a dynamic visual narrative played out along Oxford Street and its wider area.

The protagonists in this epic scene will be illuminated celestial figures, somersaulting and leaping through the skies, unconstrained by gravity. These playful, joyful forms, frozen in motion, will appear to be leaping from building to building, dancing in the snow.

Giant snowballs, illuminated and abstract in form, will soar through the air, some frozen in mid-air, others caught mid-impact on buildings where they will appear to explode into hundreds of glittering fragments. Ribbons of light will arc and weave their way through the city, connecting the entire length of Oxford St with illuminated motion trails that draw spectators irresistibly into the scene as it unfolds. The river of light will act as wayfinding, highlighting key gateway’s to the area where there will be a higher density of motion arcs and playful figures heralding our spectators’ arrival and departure.

For a ‘Reveal Moment’ we have propose video projection as a means of adding extra depth and drama to the display. Snowball ‘impacts’ will be augmented with video animations of ice particles in motion. These video explosions can be timed in sequence, climaxing at our immersive centrepiece in Oxford Circus. Here at the installation’s epicentre we propose projecting onto the four architectural facades that enclose the Circus. This 360 immersive cinema backdrop will amplify our central display, envelope our spectators and draw them into the heart of the Light Fantastic festive scene playing out above.
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